Oracle Big Data Cloud Provisioning

Oracle Big Data Cloud Service provides enterprise-grade Hadoop as a service with end-to-end security, high performance and ease of management and ...

Oracel OAC Provisioning

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a single platform that empowers your entire organization to ask any question of any data using any device in any environment.

Running Spark on Oracle BDCS

Learn how to run a simple batch spark job in a Big Data Cloud cluster. ... as a text file in the Oracle Storage Cloud Container associated with the BDC cluster.

Oracle Database Cloud Provisioning

Oracle Database Cloud Service offers a choice of different editions, which consist of the same code that runs Oracle Database on-premises but running in cloud ...

Installing and configuring Oracle 10g on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5

Install and configure Oracle 10 on RHEL 5. This tip shows how to set up a database with Oracle's Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) and Oracle ...